"From simple things like frolicking in a forest with your dog and watching fish in a pond from atop a bridge to tapping into your imagination when staring up at the clouds."

Artist Pascal Campion's beautiful illustrations capture the spectacular moments in everyday life. He emphasizes the allure of the present in split seconds spent across the earth, using vibrant colors and intricate detail. Sometimes, we just need to take a look around us to see the beauty of our surroundings and the people that stand alongside us during our journey.


What IS Brooklyn Crust?


GUEST: Hey there! We want a fantastic pizza place! We’re excited to try some real New York Pizza.
CONCIERGE: Absolutely! We have three really great places nearby, and two I can highly recommend if you’re willing to travel.
GUEST: Oh. Better stay nearby.
CONCIERGE: Well, there’s… [lists 3 pizza places nearby].
GUEST: No Pizza huts?
WIFE: They have the Brooklyn Crust.

*Ed. Note: Actually it’s Dominoes that has Brooklyn style, but that’s besides the point.